The Standard American Diet and Lifestyle are Hazardous to Your health

Nutritional changes and a healthy lifestyle are essential for decreasing toxic exposure. Implementing your customized health process is critical for healing because it reduces the overload of toxic material within your body. The elimination of toxins allows your body to restore the nutrition that your cells need to be

Your Environment is Hazardous to Your Health

The question is not whether you may have been subjected to toxic chemicals, but to how many toxic chemicals you have been subjected. Among them are heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, thousands of cancer-causing chemicals found in normal sources of food and in architectural materials and household products. Your body has the enormous burden of detoxifying foreign substances. Failure to detoxify imperils your health with the risk of degenerative diseases and cancers. Cleansing your body happens through the emunctory organs of elimination: the skin (the largest organ of your body), lungs, liver, kidneys, and the gastrointestinal tract. Allowing each one of these detoxification points to open and eliminate toxins is critical to healing. Many health problems can arise from the liver and other elimination organs being over-burdened. Problems that may arise include poor digestion, allergies, inflammation (arteries, joints, central nervous system), chronic fatigue, blood sugar abnormalities, hormone imbalances (making conditions such as premenstrual syndrome worse), and other chronic conditions.