Alcohol, caffeine (including coffee and black tea), soda, artificial sweeteners (Nutra-Sweet, Sweet-N-Low), milk (and all other dairy products), soy, fruit drinks high in sugar, juices with added sugar (or not made with 100% juice), and any other drinks high in sugar such as soda and sports drinks.


Both alcohol and caffeine are hard on your liver. Eliminating these from your diet helps your liver to repair and eliminate toxins and function more effectively. Artificial sweeteners, such as those found in many diet drinks, have been linked to cancer and neurological disorders. Soda and fruit drinks are high in refined sugars that suppress your immune system.


Foods containing gluten such as wheat, rye, barley, white-flour (commonly found in breads and pastas), and other products that contain refined flour.


By avoiding these foods, your system will get a chance to relax and clear itself of substances that tax your immune system. You may be unaware you have an allergy to these foods because the symptoms may be so subtle and have been with you for years.


Milk, cheese, butter, and yogurt.


Dairy products are common allergens, are often disruptive to the digestive system, and can also be high in sugar.


Non-organic and non-grass fed beef, pork of any kind, cold cuts, canned meat, shellfish (shrimp, clams, crabs, lobster), and soy products.


Non-organic and non-grass fed meats typically contain hormones, such as estrogens, and antibiotics which can be harmful to your body. Pork and processed meats can contain mycotoxins and pyrogens that unnecessarily burden your body’s immune system. Preserved meats contain nitrates that are known to cause cancer. These also represent a category of proteins that can be detrimental to optimal health.

Fats and Oils

Peanuts, refined oils, margarine, and shortening.


These fats create a burden on your system because of how difficult they are to digest, process, and eliminate. This burden can lead to peroxidation, which may damage blood vessels and cells.


Bananas, canned fruits, and processed fruit juices


These are common allergens that can cause an increase in acidity and can be overly high in sugar.

Food containing Mycotoxins

Alcoholic beverages, wheat, corn, barley, sugar (sugar cane and sugar beets), sorghum (found in grain based products), peanuts, rye, cottonseed, and hard cheeses.


Mycotoxins are chemicals made by fungus and mold and are found in foods contaminated with fungus and mold. Mycotoxins can cause a wide range of health problems including cancer and other chronic diseases in humans when we are exposed to small amounts over an extended period of time. Mycotoxins can even be lethal if taken in large quantities over a short period of time.

Foods that make you uncomfortable

Any other foods that you have noticed give you a problem with digestion or other discomforts should be avoided. Foods your doctor has told you to abstain from on an individual basis should also be avoided. In certain cases, allergy testing may be used to further customize your avoidance list.


It is important to optimize digestive health and absorption. Eliminating all common allergens will help improve your body’s overall function.

Other foods to Avoid

Commonly consumed convenience foods: All fast food, corn syrup, fried foods, monosodium glutamate (MSG), margarine, and canned foods.


These foods are high in trans-fatty acids, are full of preservatives, and contain dangerous amounts of sugar.