It is vital for your health to adopt a balanced lifestyle which incorporates sound nutrition, exercise, and meaningful social interaction.

Step One:

Make a plan. Your plan should include a balanced diet as well as an exercise plan, taking your supplements, and sticking to your treatment schedule. Planning your meals on a daily or even weekly basis allows you to stay on track with our treatment plan. Be sure to include exercise in your weekly routine. With our busy schedules, we do not spend enough time planning or eating healthy meals. Instead we opt for fast, convenient foods. These foods tend to be high in fat and sugar, full of food additives, and low in nutritional value. Since eating well is one of the major steps to living well, it is essential to work healthy eating habits into your
way of life. Once you have reached overall good health, it is fair to reward yourself once a week by choosing healthier treats, such as dark chocolate. The problem is not what we do once a week, but what we do every day.

Step Two:

Keep a food log for at least two months. Writing down what you eat on a daily basis makes you aware of what you are actually eating and eliminating, and will help you determine how to adjust your eating habits for a healthy life style.

Step Three:

Exercise. Make an exercise plan and keep a journal of your exercise sessions, noting how you feel after completion. In this way, you can review your progress.

Step Four:

Daily Living: Work and Social Life. It is important that you engage in a balanced lifestyle, one in which you strike a sound balance between work and leisure. We all need to engage in meaningful activity. Try to build meaningful social relationships with colleagues. Engage in exercise which has a social component to it. Participate in social organizations which are committed to significant activity, such as church and charitable organizations.

Step Five:

Stick to your plan. Remember, your nutritional, exercise, and daily living plan is important because it is an essential guide to obtaining optimal health