Riley_LargeMy name is Riley Joye….and I am alive! Thanks to the use of complementary integrative medicine and thanks to the contributions made by The Fullness of Life Foundation I am here to tell my story. I cannot believe it, but I am an 18 year old adult now! I will be taking a little longer than usual to get through high school since I have survived 4 brain tumors in the past 17 years. It has been a long road, and I am not going to say an easy one, but I have come a long way since being on Hospice 5 years ago, which is what caused my family to seek out The Fullness of Life Foundation. My biggest accomplishment this year has been to be carrying my own backpack across campus instead of being pushed in a wheelchair. I use a cane since the tumors took most of my sight and caused a stroke. But except for a constant headache, I feel good and am pretty proud of myself and the fact that I am alive! I am a teaching assistant and plan to start Vocational Rehabilitation for the Blind soon. I love to sing! I love animals! I care a lot about people and worry about them and their troubles. I like making cards for people with my Braille talents and I am best known for my very powerful prayers….my loving family say that I have a direct line to God and that he listens to me…I even pray for the people who are already in heaven. God Bless You and God Bless The Fullness of Life Foundation! I will give you an update on my life next year! Riley Joye Sorenson aka: Riley Smiley