Noelle_LargeNoelle was born full-term and developed normally until one year of age when she had trouble walking. At 18 months, and MRI showed no signs of damage in her brain. The doctors told us she had ataxic cerebral palsy and that she would only get better with physical and occupational therapy. Noelle did get better. She was able to jump and go up stairs unassisted. We were so pleased with her progress. However, in July of 2009, Noelle began to have tremors and seizures. She then began to lose motor coordination and lost the ability to walk, crawl, and even sit up on her own. We have traveled the country trying to find out how to help our daughter. Finally, with Envita, we feel someone is listening and trying things “out of the box” to help her. Noelle is a happy five year old girl who loves sports and also “dressing up”. She loves to hang out with her family and may even be able to attend school soon. Thank you to all who have the heart to support our baby. May God Bless You.

Update: 10/19/2011
After her stem cell treatments in Mexico, Noelle’s strength has increased. On most days, she wants to try standing up with us holding her and moving her legs to “walk.”
She is also talking a lot more and her cognitive skills continue to get better. She is louder than she has been in a long time too as she yells at her brother and sister. She is more inquisitive and asking a lot more questions. She is drooling less, too. We are so excited to have part of our daughter back, and are looking forward to seeing the full effect this treatment will have.
May God bless you and your families!!
Jen Joiner