The Fullness of Life Foundation is a tax-exempt non-profit organization which provides public information, education and awareness regarding the use of advanced, integrative medicine in the prevention and treatment of cancer and other chronic disease. The purpose of our Foundation is to raise millions of dollars through our annual fundraising events. Our “Give Them Wings” program removes financial barriers that families face by sponsoring integrative care for children with life-threatening cancer or other disease.

We BELIEVE every child deserves the choice for advanced Integrative Medicine.

We BELIEVE the more survivors we have, the stronger our voice becomes.


Our goal, passion, and mission is to provide education for patients seeking the best possible customized health process. The Fullness of Life Foundation is here to help you find information about complete and integrative health treatments, studies, and advice. Why is this important? The facts speak for themselves. Modern medicine focuses on treatment of illness by prescribing drugs and using a “band-aid” approach to healing, rather than looking for and addressing the causes of illness. Is this
approach working?

Each year the United States spends more on healthcare, yet the quality of life is reduced and the number of deaths from disease is increasing. The United States is ranked as one of the unhealthiest nations in the developed world countries, despite new technologies and medical spending.

…564,830 people will die from cancer.

…910,610 people will die from cardiovascular disease.

[Cancer statistics, 2006. CA Cancer J Clin. 2006 Mar-Apr;56(2):106-30.][Heart disease and stroke statistics–2006 update: a report from the American Heart Association
Statistics Committee and Stroke Statistics Subcommittee. Circulation. 2006 Feb 14;113(6):e85-151.]It is apparent that our present medical system is not complete. It will not be complete until it recognizes the need to seek out and treat the causes of illness in an integrated approach. It is precisely this approach, aimed at treating the causes of illness, which is the focus of the Fullness of Life Foundation education and outreach program